Most marketers know that having a documented content marketing strategy and understanding one’s audience are vital for success. Where you may fall short, however, is by under-investing in media research — the type of research that will help uncover how you will distribute and promote your content before you create it. That comes from Chad Pollitt, vice president of audience and co-founder of Relevance, and author of The Content Promotion Manifesto.

“Research will not only tell you who you’re writing for, it will also uncover how you’re going to promote your content from an earned and paid perspective,” he says.

In other words, the days of “if you build it, they will come,” are over, says Pollitt. Today’s content marketers must connect with audiences on their turf.

Standing out in a surplus world

Pollitt says the notion that good content can single-handedly grow an audience was true when content marketing was a novel concept. “But the era of content deficits is over,” he says.

Source: Make Media Research a Content Priority

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