But is publishing the salvation of content marketing?There are certainly many advantages to creating higher-quality content more consistently – increased audience growth, decreased turnover, improved engagement, better creation of brand value, etc.It’s no surprise that the quality of content is of great importance to brands; however, only about one-third of marketers say their organization is effective at content marketing. Content marketing is prolific, and to attract and retain your customers’ attention with content you need to clearly stand out.Publishing, however, is not easy. Becoming a brand publisher is a massive, complex effort. Not every company has an inherently compelling story to tell, and not every company has the resources to consistently deliver the brand story through carefully crafted content over a long period.Becoming a brand publisher won’t change the fact that it takes between 15 and 17 months to see a return from a content marketing investment – if it’s executed well. Throwing in more resources to become a brand publisher so higher quality content can be produced won’t solve the attention conundrum as brands compete for customers’ attention.

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