Over the past 4 years, we have continued to grow rapidly by offering data-driven marketing solutions to clients in the United States, and most recently in South America. Today, we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with Materna, one of the largest information technology and communications solutions providers, to bring our solutions to new markets.

We have continually invested in our Pulse platform that seamlessly connects with sales and marketing applications, and captures customer specific data from thousands of sources to build rich customer profiles. The platform merges the power and scale of Machine Learning algorithms and real time Big Data processing with human intelligence to provide best-in-class accuracy. This has helped our clients run highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns – something that was simply not achievable without this data platform. Our platform has enabled a highly differentiated solution offering across the marketing and sales continuum that is now available to customers outside of the US.

With this agreement, we will be able to leverage Materna’s strong information and communications capabilities, and deep relationships with global clients. On the other hand, Materna gains a competitive edge on marketing and sales technology implementations, and innovative new capabilities with new types of data integrations.

We are excited as we begin this new journey, and start work with the new team!

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