Now that we know the Benefits of a Social CRM Strategy, here are the 6 features you should look for if you are in a regulated industry (remember, these are not the basic features a Social CRM should have, but the ones that are required in a regulated industry – for basic features of a Social CRM system, see here – 3 things you are missing without a Social CRM):

  1. Compliance: You need to make sure that the systems you short list are compliant with industry-specific requirements. So, for example, if you are in Pharma, you need to make sure FDA compliance is supported. Similarly, financial companies should ensure FINRA and SEC compliance.
  2. Content Control: Central control over content is key so it is easy to pre-approve and distribute to multiple locations and corporate users.
  3. Archival: One of the basic requirements of compliance in regulated industries is to archive all communication on social channels.
  4. Auditing: The chosen technology should have auditing capabilities and needs to keep track of all data trails.
  5. Workflows: Appropriate approval workflows are required to keep a tab over all posting and conversations on social channels across all accounts.
  6. Reporting: Every strategy starts out with some goals and you need to track progress against those goals. So, it is important that the system provides robust reporting features.

Do you think I missed any important features? Please let me know via comment section. I would also love to hear about your experience with Social CRM, and how you have handled regulation at your company?


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